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Coaching for autistic adults 

Feeling stuck in a rut, anxious or overwhelmed? We can help.


Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut. And, despite knowing we aren't happy with aspects of our lives, we can feel helpless and unable to change things. That's where Auternative Coaching can help.


If you are an autistic adults we offer practical and proactive coaching that has been specially adapted to meet your needs. We use adapted coaching and mindfulness techniques, and a neuroaffirmative approach autism, to breakdown self-limiting beliefs, challenge perceptions and increase motivation so change can happen.

Working with your coach on a one to one basis we can help you to reflect on your individual needs and recognise your strengths so you feel empowered to take action that's right for you, and achieve your goals.

What to expect

Coaching is a powerful outcome focused process that has been found to be highly effective in helping autistic people get the best out of life and realise their potential.

All of coaches have first-hand experience of autism, a Diploma of Applied NLP: Autism Coaching and five years plus experience of working with autistic individuals, their families and caregivers.

We provide a relaxed environment and space for you to think, explore and reflect on the assumptions that may be holding you back. We can help you transform how you see yourself, by focusing on your skills and interests, reframing your thinking and helping you to overcome self-limiting beliefs and challenges that get in the way of you reaching your unique potential.

Online Discussion

We focus on:

  • Understanding interests, challenges and aspirations.

  • Transitioning between environments, places and people.

  • Transforming wellbeing leading to greater independence to thrive.

  • Understanding feelings, triggers, anxiety and develop strategies to manage them.

Our coaching will:

  • Challenge self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

  • Explore coping strategies for dealing with setbacks and difficult situations.

  • Help you to understand your needs, strengths and how to use your interests.

  • Build confidence and independence through increased motivation.

  • Break the cycle of negative thinking, focus on what is working well.

  • Build resourcefulness, resilience and self-esteem.

How it works:

  • We work side by side with you in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

  • On a one to one basis we help you identify the goals you want to achieve in a positive and proactive way, and identify the hurdles that are holding you back.

  • We offer a 30 minute, no obligation Discovery Session free of charge so you can meet your coach, talk through what you want to achieve and assess whether our service is right for you.

  • Ideally we recommend a minimum of 8 sessions, because change happens over a period of time, but there is no requirement to book more than one session at a time.

  • All sessions are held remotely online via Zoom. 

  • This coaching is designed for autistic/neurodivergent adults - but you do not need an official diagnosis.

Contact us to find out more.

  • Free, 30 minute, online call to meet a coach and discuss your needs.

Workplace and Access to Work funded coaching available. Contact us to find out more:

What our clients say about us

"My coach helps me to keep in mind that I need to focus on things that are helpful for me, not just for my son.

"It’s helpful to have someone who is also a parent of a child with autism and she has useful ideas and experience about parenting an autistic child. She’s very friendly, kind and professional and someone who can listen and not judge me."

Mum to an autistic child, London - 121 parent and carer's coaching

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