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Coaching for parents and carers

Feeling challenged, overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted? Not sure how to best support your child and anxious about their future? We can help.

Parenting can be challenging for everyone but add the extra element of a child with additional needs and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Our coaching for parents and carers offers a flexible approach that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you have a specific goal you want to work towards, or are feeling lost and unsure what to do next, our coaching can help you.

Our coaching sessions are an opportunity to step back from your day to day life and reflect on what you want. We use coaching techniques and a strength based approach to autism with a focus on wellbeing for the whole family, to help reduce your stress levels and help you feel more positive and in control.

What to expect

Coaching is a proven, effective way to empower people to make decisions and affect change in their lives. 

As well as exploring the challenges you are facing, we will also help you to gain a better understanding of your child. Working together we will explore what autism looks like in your child, as well as their individual personality, temperament, and strengths, and how you can best support their growth and development. 

Our model focuses on possibilities not limitations and we passionately believe that everyone can learn the skills they need to lead a happy, fulfilling lives. 

Mother Carrying Her Daughter

Our coaching focuses on:

  • Understanding needs and sensory differences.

  • Adapting our parenting approach.

  • Creating opportunities for experiential learning.

  • Building on strengths and talents in everyday life.

  • Independence and agency.

  • Understanding our response to behaviours as parents and caregivers.

Our coaching will help you:

  • Understand and explore what is driving behaviour.

  • Gain clarity on what is right for your child as they grow.

  • Approaches to modelling behaviour.

  • Improve wellbeing.

  • Reduce stress levels through choice.

  • Stay curious and provide the right environment for learning.

How it works:

  • One to one coaching is an opportunity to reflect on your current circumstances and to prioritise what’s important to you and your family so you can regain control.

  • We offer a 30 minute, no obligation Discovery Session free of charge so you can meet your coach, talk through what you want to achieve and assess whether our service is right for you.

  • All sessions are held remotely online via Zoom.

  • This coaching is designed parents and carers of children that already have an autism diagnosis or who are going through the diagnosis process.

Contact us to find out more

  • Free, 30 minute, online call to meet a coach and discuss your needs.

    30 min

What our clients say about us

"My coach helps me to keep in mind that I need to focus on things that are helpful for me, not just for my son.

"It’s helpful to have someone who is also a parent of a child with autism and she has useful ideas and experience about parenting an autistic child. She’s very friendly, kind and professional and someone who can listen and not judge me."

Mum to an autistic child, London - 121 parent and carer's coaching

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