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Coaching for autistic adults

Our coaching service for autistic adults is designed to help people overcome any blocks that are holding them back.


We do this by decreasing stress levels, breaking the cycle of negative thinking, and improving self belief, resourcefulness and motivation.

Our coaching method is based on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology, coupled with a new way of viewing autism that focuses on harnessing strengths and talents, increasing motivation and enhancing wellbeing.

Group coaching for parents and carers

Our parents and carers group coaching course consists of six sessions bringing together people who are in similar situations, enabling them to relate, learn and support each other.

Each session focuses on a different topic such as dealing with emotions and negative thinking, reducing stress and anxiety, and building on strengths to develop a growth mindset.

Our aim is to teach parents techniques and strategies to tackle the challenges they fact so they leave the course ready to reconnect with their daily lives in a more positive and constructive way.

Coaching for parents and carers

Our coaching for parents offers a flexible approach that can be tailored to individual needs.


We help parents to develop a better understanding of their child’s behaviour and how best to support them, with a focus on wellbeing for the whole family.

All of our coaches have first hand experience of autism and its challenges, a Diploma of Applied NLP : Autism Coaching and experience of working with autistic individuals and their families.

We also offer bespoke group coaching courses designed to meet the needs of organisations where training is required to help support the needs of autistic individuals.

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What our clients say about us

"My coach helps me to keep in mind that I need to focus on things that are helpful for me, not just for my son.

"It’s helpful to have someone who is also a parent of a child with autism and she has useful ideas and experience about parenting an autistic child. She’s very friendly, kind and professional and someone who can listen and not judge me."

Mum to an autistic child, London - 121 parent and carer's coaching

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